Kundli Milan and solution in few clicks

Kundli Milan and solution in few clicks

A kundli starts with your details of Birth. Birth is the first step of your life. This step decides every detail in your life. The position of stars and planets at the time of your birth decides many aspects of your life. These planets have a direct impact on your finance. love life, and health. Although, you can change their impact on your life. It is possible to alter or change your future with the help of Kundli Milan.

What is Kundli Milan?

Milan of Kundli is a method used to compare two Kundli with each-other. Usually it is done for wedding. Kundli Milan is used to predict marital life of a couple. In some cases, Kundli Milan could be used to predict business partnership too. In both the cases, you need date of birth, time of birth and location of birth. These 3 details should be available for both the person or Kundli.

Kundli milan by name KundliAstro best astrologer in jaipur

Kundli Milan by Name

Generally, Two different Kundli are matched through Names. In rare cases, Kundlis are matched perfectly. It is known as Sampoorn Milan. This is very auspicious for both the sides. Such two person brings prosperity in each-other’s lives. In most of the remaining cases, a big part of their properties match with each other. Remaining discrepancies could be resolved by various means. One of usual practice is to change one of Kundli person’s name.

Our astrologer Pandit Bhagawati Prasad Sharma is an expert astrologer. His mastery in Astrology enables him understand deepest effects of planets in Kundli. You can meet him personally to understand Kundli in Hindi. He can also provide you with the required solutions for Kundli Milan. Pandit Ji have a long experience of bringing happiness in people’s married lives.

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