Janampatri advice from astrologer in rajasthan

Your janampatri is pictorial depiction in the form of a table or chart prepared by an astrologer at the time of your birth or later (through the details of your birth or janam). This chart shows you the positions of “grah” and “nakshatra” at the time you were born. This chart will also determine your terms with your family, friends in childhood, and will also predict any future anomalities in further life.

What is jotted inside your kundli?

Your birth chart primarily consists of 7 planets and 2 shadowy planets and the position of these planets in 12 different houses. (get the detailed knowledge of these houses by our expert Jyotishacharya Bhagawati Prasad Sharma). Presence of these planets either brings you prosperity or failure. Their position says a lot about what has happened in your past and what is going to happen in future. Having a detailed knowledge of these “grah” or houses will help you bring good fortune in life.

Janampatri advice from astrologer in rajasthan
Janampatri advice from astrologer in rajasthan

Why is it important to consult an astrologer?

It has been known since time immemorial that every problem has a solution. Its somewhere out there in some part of the world, yet to be discovered. You just don’t know it yet. Here is when you need an astrologer. A person who has devoted his/her life completely finding the solutions to your issues and problems in life. Consulting a knowledgeable astrologer will suggest you the right path in your life for various matters, the right time to do important things and the right place to be at the particular time. And let us be honest – Jyotishacharya Bhagawati Prasad Sharma is the right person for this astrological consultancy.

Why put your faith in us?

With the help of our astrologers, you can understand the position of stars in your janampatri and find the relevant solution to future mishap if any! Our expert will explain to you in detail about each and every tiny detail you should be aware of and suggest you proper remedies which will help you to fight that.