Marriage & Children

marriage and children birth solution astrology kundli horoscope

Astrology can predict your marriage, career, and children. If you got any problems in your marriage life or you are not able to conceive or you are not in good terms with your children or you are so worried about your child’s health, career, education then your search ends here. You came to the right place. Jyotishacharya Bhagawati Prasad Sharma has experience and he will give you every possible solution related to your married life or problems with your children.

If you are searching for your soul mate and but still not able to find him/her after many attempts or get rejected for marriage proposals, maybe the problem lies in your kundli. Our astrologers will find what caused you the problem and do every possible thing to make it right.

marriage and children birth solution astrology kundli horoscope

Even after marriage, many hardships come in married life, for example, your thoughts don’t match, or you both got no understanding for each other, have different views on the same thing so as a result, you guys are not able to maintain a healthy relationship. PanditJi finds the root cause of the problem between you and your partner and gives you remedial solution according to your kundli which will surely help you to solve your relationship with your partner

Nowadays, there is a generation gap between parents and children. Due to this, children slowly and gradually make their distance with parents and stop sharing their thoughts which leads to a whole new set of problems. Our experienced astrologer works for you and prepares you astrology charts. This will help you visualize your relationship with your children. Spouse, friend or any other important person in your life. You will discover ways in which you can specifically nurture your child’s emerging talents.

There are various techniques which are used by our astrologers that help you untangle the inner knots or deal with the problems that might help you to get out of them. Perhaps you are in a relationship and need guidance for communicating in ways that bring more harmony, peace, and love in your inner as well as the outer circle.